The J Bar Cow Herd

Our cow herd is made up of Fullblood, Purebred and Percentage (Beef Builder) Braunvieh females combine maternal, carcass and fertility along with great dispositions as an added benefit.    See more about the Braunvieh Female Here

J Bar Cow Herd


Fullbloods Braunvieh

Some of our top cows are Fullblood and they are making a great come back in the breed.  100% Braunvieh means no other breed incorporated.  Fullblood can only be horned.


Purebred Braunvieh

Most of our cow herd is Purebred Horned and Polled.  The biggest share are black hide.  Purebred means 7/8 or More Braunvieh genetics but less than 100%


Percentage (Beef Builder) Braunvieh

Beef Builders are percentage with less than 7/8 Braunvieh Blood.  They can be 1/8 , 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 , 5/8 and 3/4 in Braunvieh blood. 

J Bar Cow Herd

Video of Braunvieh Cattle

Check out this great video